May 26th, 2011

Online video ads attract more attention than TV ads

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Recently released results of biometric testing show that viewers of online video pay more attention to advertising, and have a better recollection of those ads, than those who watch television advertising.

The research was carried out by Media Lab using facial tracking technology developed by Affectiva. The facial-recognition tool monitors not only participants’ “face-towards-screen” time but also their emotional and intellectual engagement.

Findings show that those watching online video pay more attention to the screen than their counterparts watching television - 60% vs. 52%. This disparity in attention levels is more apparent during ad breaks - 55% vs. 37% - during which time the attention level of television viewers drops off three times more than among video viewers.

“Online video, with a less predictable cadence and an active user experience, does a significantly better job at holding attention,” observes AdAge’s Brian Monahan.

“While distraction media is a threat to the value of video advertising, it also represents an opportunity to deliver a deeper companion experience to the on-screen content and ads. The consumers have the tools; it’s up to the industry to give them compelling content.”

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