April 27th, 2011

Lehrer calls for PBS, NPR to invest more in news

Yahoo News

PBS anchor Jim Lehrer told public broadcasters Tuesday that they must continue to defend their federal funding and raise more money to meet an increasing need for serious journalism as commercial newspapers and broadcasters see declines.

The heads of PBS, NPR, Minnesota-based American Public Media and others gathered in Washington to discuss the most serious threats in Congress to their federal funding in 44 years.

Lehrer said public media needs to produce more local news and serious journalism because other channels are being used to “tease and to entertain and only to inform across the surface.”

“I have a good source on why this is a problem. The source is Thomas Jefferson,” Lehrer said. “Thomas Jefferson told the folks back when this country was founded that the only way this democratic society we just created is going to work is if there is an informed electorate.”

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