April 11th, 2011

Helping Fans Dress Like a Videogame Hero

The New York Times

PRODUCT placement within video games is common enough these days that gamers barely notice it, but when Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was introduced last year, some players snickered when they saw its protagonist, Naked Snake, occasionally wearing a T-shirt with the a logo for Axe, the men’s grooming brand. The game, after all, is set in 1974 — nine years before Axe was introduced, in France, and 28 years before it gained prominence with its introduction in the United States.

Now the company that makes the game, Konami Digital Entertainment, has a new sartorial twist: it is introducing a line of clothing based on the game. The line, the Peace Walker collection, which is scheduled to go on sale on the Konami Web site Monday, takes design cues from characters in the game without replicating their clothes.

“This is for Metal Gear Solid fans to be able to incorporate the brand they love so much into their lifestyles,” said Careen Yapp, vice president for acquisitions and franchise development at Konami, whose other games include Silent Hill, DanceDanceRevolution and Castlevania.

Typical of the collection, which borrows from the game a military-chic aesthetic, is the MGS Field Coat ($189), which on the Web site promises to “successfully support your mission in any terrain under any conditions.” While the coat has specific references to the game, like buttons and a detachable badge on one sleeve that feature its logo, such identifiers are no more prominent than labels and buttons on a pair of Levi’s.

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