March 25th, 2011

Those Branded Web Sites Can Make A Difference


or those who debate the usefulness of creating more and more branded web sites - which, of course, are designed to promote specific pharmaceuticals - a new analysis suggests these pages do influence both existing and prospective patients to seek a prescription. Of course, how they find those branded sites can also make a difference.

To wit, a branded site offered a 11.5 percent boost among people who are not currently taking a med, but go online to learn about the drug or condition and found the site by a so-called natural search. This would involve going to Google, for instance, and clicking on a listed site that is not a paid ad. The prospective customers, by the way, acted on the info at least 60 days after seeing the branded site.

“This created a lift over and above what the drugmaker would have seen in the way of prescriptions if a campaign or site had not run,” says John Mangano Vice President, comScore Marketing Solutions, which examined data from its database of 77 studies. “So if a million people went to the site by natural search, of those 1 million, 11.5 percent would incrementally seek a prescription.” In other words, these sites act as prompts and can yield new business, he says.

However, a paid search - a listing on Google that is a paid ad at the top of the page or along the right-hand side - yielded a 9.5 percent boost. Overall, a drugmaker would have seen an 8.8 percent boost among those who eventually sought a new prescription after visiting a branded site. Generally, display media that drove traffic to a branded site by way of a click-through was the least usefull.

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