March 10th, 2011

TDSB votes against expanding TV pilot project in schools

City News Toronto

After a lengthy debate, the Toronto District School Board has voted against expanding a pilot project that would have seen TV ads running in up to 70 schools.

Some TDSB members say they’re going to bring the program back to the table in the near future.

OneStop Media, the same company that operates screens on subway platforms, provides the LCD TVs that are mounted in hallways, with a five-15 per cent cut of ad revenue going to the school board.

The TDSB receives $1,300 for every school that participates.

Television screens in four downtown Toronto high schools currently display student-generated content as well as class and exam information as part of the pilot project that started last year.

The TVs also show up to two hours of ads from non-commercial sponsors such as post-secondary schools and the government.

Milk and MuchMusic ads have also run on the screens.

Under the agreement, up to two hours of ad time is permitted in school hallways.

Some argue the screens provide an up-to-date communication tool for students and staff, while others say schools should be at least one place kids aren’t exposed to advertising.

“Students should not be used by corporations to be able to sell their products, schools are for learning,” argued Trinity-Spadina MPP, Rosario Marchese. 

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