March 10th, 2011

Sell me, baby, one more time

Ballina Shire Advocate

It took me a good two minutes into Britney Spears’ new commercial to realise I was actually watching a music video.

If you’ve haven’t seen it, go look up Hold it Against Me on YouTube before reading any further; it’s okay, I can wait.

Back? Good.

If you didn’t have your eyes closed the whole time, you may have noticed the video contains more product placement than aisles three to seven of your local Woolworths (The fresh food people).

In her music video, Britney sprays on her new Radiance perfume and puts on her Makeup Forever makeup as she watches the whole thing on a series of Sony televisions.

Mid-song, Britney forgets she’s shooting a music video and logs on to her (Sony) laptop to browse the dating website

The product placement scenes are as subtle as whacking yourself in the face with a hammer you bought at Bunnings Warehouse (where lowest prices are just the beginning).

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