March 29th, 2011

Petition Pabst: Stop Targeting Youth, Give Snoop the Boot

Marin Institute

Pabst Brewing Company is attempting to revive the Colt 45 brand name with a dangerous new supersized, high-alcohol alcopop called Blast.

The Metropoulous family, which owns Pabst, is placing young women of color in the center of their marketing bullseye hoping to get youth hooked on super fruity, high-potency, 12% alcoholic beverages in massive 23.5 oz. single serving cans.

Popular rap star Snoop Dogg is helping the company with their shameless exploitative marketing strategy. Snoop’s fans deserve better.

It’s time to tell Pabst to stop peddling dangerous supersized alcopops to urban youth and give Snoop Dogg the boot as their celebrity spokesperson.

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