February 14th, 2011

Junk Food Ads and Childhood Obesity


Kids are bombarded by advertising for junk food and fast food everywhere they turn. Even when marketed as “now with real juice!” or “contains 10 essential vitamins,” a sugary soda with 300 calories just isn’t good for you. Some junk food advertising is really misleading. But you don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that too much of these foods is bad for your kids.

Kids see one food commercial every five minutes during Saturday morning cartoons. Most of these foods are high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. Fast-food chains appeal to kids with tie-ins to movies, giving toys or prizes to kids who buy certain meals. As kids age, they are subjected to promotional campaigns with offers for free music downloads, cell phone ring tones, and games sponsored by the food and beverage industry.

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