February 11th, 2011

Chevy Takes on Ambitious Role in TNT's 'Men' Program

Advertising Age

On its face, TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age” has three stars: Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher, each playing a guy approaching 50 and dealing with the problems that come when you’re no longer so young. Yet the show boasts another player who is considerably older and might be getting just as much screen time: General Motors’ Chevrolet.

In ‘Men of a Certain Age,’ two characters work at a Chevrolet dealership. The popular vehicle make has for two seasons played a role just as integral to “Men” as any of the actors on the show. One character, Mr. Braugher’s Owen Thoreau, helps run a Chevrolet dealership. This season, the Chevy focus has only intensified, with Owen hiring his pal, Scott Bakula’s Terry, to work at the dealership too.

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