February 23rd, 2011

Bills Would End DTC Tax Break & Allow Importation


Call it congressional deja vu. Last week, a pair of bills that previously went nowhere were again introduced and both take aim at brand-name drugmakers. The first, called the Say No to Drug Ads Act, would eliminate tax breaks for direct-to-consumer advertising and was introduced by Jerry Nadler, a Democratic Congressman from New York who failed to enlist any co-sponsors.

The rationale for his repeat effort is that DTC ads allow drugmakers to “keep prices artificially high, steering consumers - and physicians - away from generics.It’s bad enough that TV drug ads mislead consumers and tout benefits of high-priced drugs without properly conveying the risks, but the drug companies don’t need extra subsidies to do so,” he says in a statement.

Meanwhile, the other bill, which is called the Pharmaceutical Market Access and Drug Safety Act, would allow licensed pharmacies and wholesalers to import FDA-approved meds from countries with safety standards equivalent to what is found in the US and Canada.

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