May 21st, 2009

For Pizza Hut, Jesse James Is a Sponsored Man

By Andrew Hampp
Advertising Age

Daredevil Acts as High-Speed Deliveryman in His New Spike Series

Marketers have long been willing to go to great lengths with TV producers for the sake of product placement, but what about the talent? Daredevil and former “Monster Garage” star Jesse James is going the extra mile for marketers in his first TV series in three years, “Jesse James Is a Dead Man,” which will make its debut on Spike on May 31.

In one particular viewer-submitted challenge, Mr. James plays the role of high-speed deliveryman for Pizza Hut, answering the request of two hungry fans who live in the middle of the Mojave Desert and have no access to the Yum Brands chain’s signature pepperoni pie. Mr. James also wore a Pizza Hut uniform and plastered the company’s logo all over his vehicle so it would be visible to the helicopter frantically filming his 120-mph race across the rough desert terrain.

“Jesse James Is a Dead Man” is likely to offer other unique integrations throughout its 10-episode run for marketers including BMW, which see one of its souped-up motorcycles skidding across the arctic ice road shared by the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers.”

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