May 18th, 2009

7-Eleven Scores Big with Product Placement in 'Terminator Salvation'

By Lewis Lazare
Chicago Sun-Times

It’s called product placement. And these days a lot of companies, including the fairly ubiquitous 7-Eleven convenience store chain, are looking to participate in one of the newer marketing twists that have been introduced in recent years to get a product in front of the public in a big way.

We’re sure it took a fair amount of money and some wrangling with the producers and marketing executives attached to the release this Thursday of “Terminator Salvation,” one of the summer season’s big action pics, but 7-Eleven managed to make its brand a visible part of the movie, in which a safe haven for the human resistance doing battle with the terminators is a burned-out 7-Eleven store.

The store itself may be in bad shape, but that iconic sign still is very recognizable in the flick.

And of course, 7-Eleven marketing executives couldn’t let their company’s bit of fame in “Terminator Salvation” pass without offering their customers a movie tie-in.

In this instance, it’s collectible Slurpee cups and straws featuring terminators from the movie that will be available throughout May.


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