April 30th, 2009

Hair Spray’s Sponsorship Stays in Place (on Bravo)

By Stuart Elliott
The New York Times

The company’s Tresemmé hair-care brand has been written into the show since the second season, but should it stay with the same series, on a new channel? Or would it be better to stay with the same channel, but gamble on a new series?

The result can be seen on Thursday, when Bravo presents the first episode of its new reality competition, “The Fashion Show.” Tresemmé will be the brand most integrated into the show, the executives say, and its presence will exceed the role it played in “Project Runway.”

The efforts to promote the Tresemmé sponsorship in places outside the show, particularly online, will also be stepped up, including on Web sites like bravotv.com and tresemme.com.

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