January 26th, 2009

Comic Strip Product Placements

By PPN Staff
Product Placement News

Are you familiar with the comic strip titled “Dilbert”?

In case you didn’t know, “Dilbert” is a satirical take on office life in the United States. It’s is the brainchild of Scott Adams, a renowned author of business commentaries, social satires, and philosophy books.

Adams is now amidst a product placement deal for his comic strip. The only difference is Adams’ is pushing his own product. In several Dilbert strips last week, Adams referenced a computer file-storage that he’s licensing. Reports confirm, that the author is considering if he’s is going to take the product placement to the next level by putting it in a billboard.

While this may have small repercussions today, it is scary to consider what can happen within the next years. If Adams succeeds with this promotion, his footsteps will be followed by a lot of comic authors. If you think about it, comic artists do not make a lot. But once you mix in product placement, it changes a lot of things.

However, what happens to the art? Comic strips have always been pure humor in three to six captions. Inserting a product placement in these captions can compromise the three or six frames. Authors have to take note that, while profit is always welcome, creative integrity should be given a premium. 


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