December 17th, 2008

3D Leviís Taxi Ads

By Richard Tedesco
PROMO Magazine

Taxis all look the same to people strolling New York City streets, but a 3D Leviís 501 image atop 400 cabs is even making unimpressionable Big Apple residents take notice.

The three-dimensional images of the Leviís against a red background were conceived by Show Media, which launched the campaign for the iconic jeans brand on Dec. 5. The signs will be in place through Fashion Week at the end of February.

ďNobody has the sheer number of ads that we do on the street,Ē said John Amato, president of Show Media. ďThis kind of shock advertising is where youíre going to have to be to stand out in the crowd.Ē

Amato said the campaign initially prompted calls to Leviís corporate headquarters from store managers in its Manhattan outlets who hadnít seen the signs and wanted to know whether there was a promotion afoot that they hadnít been informed about.

The 3D taxi sign concept was inspired by a Leviís 3D billboard that Amato saw in Los Angeles. He immediately asked his creative director to draft a conceptual sign, pitched Leviís on the campaign and got it rolling.

Leviís is building on the buzz by separately posting similar 3D images on New York City billboards through the end of January.


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