November 21st, 2008

NBA Product Placement for T-Mobile

By PPN Staff
Product Placement News

T-Mobile has hooked up with some NBA greats to promote its myFaves free calling service. The T-Mobile promotion roster now features Yao Ming, Dwayne Wade, and Charles Barkley.

The ad continues T-Mobile’s “Who’s your Fave 5” campaign, which was launched around two years ago. The old ad spot uses the comic interplay between Wade and Barkley.  Already, the campaign has made great impressions to NBA fans, consumers, and clients, claimed Mike Belcher of T-Mobile.

“We tried to figure out who would be the best brand exemplars,” Belcher said. Belcher asserted that Yao’s participation in the NBA and in the Olympics made him a prime candidate for the endorsement. Belcher concluded, “Our relationship with the NBA will be expanding. It’s a very successful partnership.”

“The new spot,” as described be Elaine Wong of Brandweek, “opens with Barkley and Wade trying a new restaurant at Yao’s recommendation and they get served live shrimp. ‘This is Yao’s favorite dish. Please enjoy,’ a smiling-faced waitress beckons. As Wade reels back in disgust, Barkley gets a call from Yao, who is on his Fave 5 list. ‘Hey, Charles, how are you enjoying the shrimp?’ Barkley replies, ‘It’s moving and it’s got eyes on me.’ ‘Don’t be a baby,’ Yao insists, telling them to eat the head. ‘Who’s in your Fave 5? MyFave5, only from T-Mobile,’ the spot concludes.”


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