September 15th, 2008

TNT Launches Latest Micro-Series with Acura

By Richard Tedesco
PROMO Magazine

TNT is carrying on its branded micro-series strategy with the debut last week of crime thriller “Blank Slate,” sponsored by Acura, with two more short-form dramas coming soon.

TNT is running 20 two-minute episodes of the micro-series during “Law & Order.” The Acura TSX and RL play primary roles in the drama, with Lisa Brenner as Anne Huston, an amnesiac accused of killing a federal agent. She becomes part of an experimental FBI program to implant memories of the recently deceased to solve murders.

Eric Stoltz plays an FBI agent in the mini-drama that will follow the multi-platform script that TNT has used for its previous micro-series, making it available via broadband at and on mobile devices. The Dean Devlin project is slated to morph into a two-hour TV movie from Devlin’s Electric Entertainment.

“Automotives tend to work well for many projects that we have,” said Katherine Johnson, senior vice president of Turner Entertainment promotions and marketing. “That product moves the story along.”

“Leverage,” another Devlin drama premiering in December, will feature a branded micro-series, as will “Trust Me,” from “The Closer” producers, when it debuts in January, according to Johnson.

The evolution of the TV season into a state of perpetual series premiere is helping to prime TNT’s pump to create branded entertainment options for sponsors within these new series.

In July, TNT screened another micro-series potboiler, “Lucky Chance,” with Dodge and AT&T as sponsors, during episodes of “Law & Order.” Dodge also ran a sweepstakes for a Dodge Charger as part of that deal.


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