July 30th, 2008

Nielsen Tracks TV Ratings in Chinese Subway for the First Time


SHANGHAI, China—Digital Media Group (DMG) and Nielsen jointly announce the first ever China subway TV rating survey results this week. Rating reaches a high of 16% during the morning peak hours (07:00-09:00) and 10% during the evening rush hours (17:00-19:00). The rating survey was conducted for 2 weeks in late June in the city of Shanghai. It covered the 4 subway lines where DMG operates with 4,110 multimedia displays. Results show that DMG has access to a universe of 3,058,000 passengers in Shanghai with a very high percentage reach of close to 100%. This rating survey, the first of its kind ever conducted in China, enables advertisers to forecast their ROI (return on investment) much more accurately than before. Agencies or advertisers can now estimate more precisely the size of the target audience of a certain demographic they can reach after specifying the frequency and length of their advertising campaign. This evaluation method was available only to traditional TV advertisers before and has never been applied to any digital outdoor media until now.

“The results are very encouraging,” Philip Wong, Chief Media Officer of DMG said. “We did a simple comparison. To reach a specified audience of 2 million in Shanghai, an advertiser may have to spend RMB937,000 (rate card) if he opts for traditional TV advertising. With DMG, the client needs to spend RMB207,000 (rate card) only to reach the same number of people of the same demographic profile. This kind of comparison could not have been made without this new research.

“The full potential of digital outdoor advertisements has not been realized due to the lack of both surveys and standardized comparisons. The whole industry is still in an infant stage of development, much like what earlier Internet advertising was. As the industry grows with more advertisers realizing our potential, advertisement spending will dramatically increase. First we have to provide the advertisers with more measurable support data, and DMG is leading the way.”

“This survey can help our clients to evaluate accurately the performance of digital advertising in the subway environment. This systematic approach helps advertisers to plan subway TV advertising more scientifically,” Rita Chan, Executive Director of The Nielsen Company said.

“The new survey by Nielsen has proven that we have made the correct investment for our client McDonald’s in the last 2 years of working with DMG,” Manfred Tsang, Business Director of OMD Shanghai was quoted as saying.

“McDonald’s has always been trying to unlock the potential of new or emerging media formats to fulfill our strategy of improving customers experience anytime, anywhere,” Frank Lin, National Media Director of McDonald’s said. “DMG has fulfilled all criteria in this sense. The latest rating report tabulated our effective media investment decisions in an accurate and adequate manner.”

With the successful launch of the current study, DMG and Nielsen intend to conduct rating research on a regular and long term basis with the hope that more new clients can be won over.

DMG has been servicing Chinese subway authorities and passengers by providing updated train information and infotainment. Just last week DMG has completed the shooting of a series of subway TV commercials for Beijing subway in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. The series of TV commercials about Beijing subway could help thousands of foreign visitors to get around Beijing in a convenient and greener way during the Olympic Games period.


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