April 21st, 2008

Socorro Students About to Get 'Tuned In'

By Ken Molestina
ABC News

SOCORRO, Texas - The day’s of kids yelling and chattering on the school bus may soon be over in one area school district. The Socorro Independent school district is getting ready to install “Bus Radios” in their fleet of about 180 school buses.

The company doesn’t charge school districts for the radios and offers three channels of programming; one for elementary students, another for middle, and one for high school students. SISD assistant superintendent of support services Pat O’neil told ABC-7 the programming is specifically tailored towards students,

“They have a D.J. that plays music for the kids, there’s talking there’s public services,” O’neil said. 

The new technology comes with its share of criticism. Many people said they think the advertising on the programming is an easy way to get to kids.

According to O’neil that isn’t so, “The advertising is very similar to what you see on t.v. and radio, all the advertising will be approved.”

‘Bus Radio’ is a service offered to close to 200 school districts nation wide. SISD will be the first to get it in the El Paso area. School officials hope the tunes will all be installed and ready to go by the beginning of the next school year.


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