December 18th, 2007

Ave Maria Law Wants To Sell Its Naming Rights

By Peter Lattman
Wall Street Journal

Anyone have $20 million to spare and a desire to have a law school named after you? You might want to give a call to the dean of Ave Maria Law, which is looking to sell the naming rights to its new law school.

“We’d like to find someone who would want the opportunity to have their name associated with the school, to help us with the construction costs,” Dean Bernard Dobranski said to the National Law Journal.

Here are a couple of things you might want to know before you hand over your $20 million. Three former professors are suing the school, its dean and its founder, Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan, after they were in essence fired earlier this year. It’s also facing an ABA investigation and risks losing its accreditation because of insufficient standards, according to an email Ave Maria’s dean sent out to the school.

Monaghan started Ave Maria Law in 2000 to provide legal education with a Catholic emphasis. He purchased land in Florida and moved the undergraduate school there. The law school is set to move there in 2009.


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