October 13th, 2006

Jack Abramoff vs. Commercial Alert

By Gary Ruskin
Commercial Alert

Following are quotes from the Senate finance committee report on Jack Abramoff.

Here’s an exchange of emails about Commercial Alert:

From: Dennis Stephens [Abramoff colleague at Preston Gates]
To: Chad Cowan
Cc: Abramoff, Jack

“Have you guys ever looked into Gary Ruskin, a Nader protégé who runs Commercial Alert (which is attacking Channel One, our client)….The guy is a weasel…Someone should consider doing an in depth piece on Ruskin and his Nader front groups. We should have lunch and review the options.”

Abramoff responds: “Great. Can you get this moving?”

Amy Berger, another Abramoff colleague, responds:
“Jeff [Ballabon, VP of Channel One] just raised this with me. He said, why aren’t you guys doing more on Ruskin? Please move ahead with this! Please keep me informed. Thanks”

(pp. 256-7)

The whole Senate finance committee report is here.


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