December 14th, 2005

Sale of Candy to be Limited in Nevada Schools

Associated Press

Sale of soft drinks and candy in Nevada’s public schools will be limited starting next year, and by 2007 students will get a daily dose of exercise at school, a legislative panel on health issues has been told.
State Health Officer Brandon Lee said Tuesday that the state Board of Education has adopted a policy to limit what can be offered or sold at schools. Sodas, popsicles, hard candy, chocolate, jellies, gum, marshmallow candies, licorice, spun candy and candy-coated popcorn will be banned.

Each school district must adopt policies that adhere to the state rules or face the loss of federal breakfast and lunch funds, according to Gloria Dopf, deputy state superintendent of public instruction.

The state policy is that "foods of minimal nutritional value may not be sold or given away during the school day."

The guidelines call for food choices that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol while being moderate in total fat. Saturated fats will be limited to 10 percent of the total calories in the food product. Total fats will be restricted to 30 percent of the total calories in the food.

Nuts, seeds, fluid milk products containing 2 percent or less fat and cheese or yogurt made from reduced-fat, low-fat or fat-free milk are exempt from the standard.

Starting in the 2007 school year, each district must adopt a policy so that at least 30 minutes each day is devoted to physical activity.

That can include any physical education course, band, cheerleading, ROTC, passing periods and nutrition breaks. In elementary schools, recess constitutes physical activity.


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