September 30th, 2005

Return of the Junk Fax

By Dan Mitchell
The New York Times

In the hierarchy of annoying advertisers, the porn spammers and the pump-and-dump stock promoters dwell at the bottom. Not far above them are junk faxers, who spew unsolicited advertisements to your fax machine, using your phone line, your ink and your paper in the process.

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  1. Posted by david on October 20th, 2005

    I use a fax machine in my home for personal use.  One day I started getting junk faxes which cost me a lot of money in ink and paper.  I tried calling the number at the bottom of the fax ads to have my number removed, but to no avail.
    I filed a complaint with my local telephone company.  They put a trace on my line which records where all the calls to my phone come from.  I then reported the date and time of each junk fax call to the phone company who in turn give it to my local police department.  A very professional sgt. at the police department wasted no time in contacting the local police where the junk faxers are located.  This took place a couple years ago and I have received no junk faxes since.

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