July 19th, 2005

Senators Ask Bush to Send Tobacco Treaty to Senate for Ratification

By Gary Ruskin
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Eleven U.S. Senators sent a letter today to President Bush, asking him to send the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to the U.S. Senate for ratification. The U.S. signed the treaty in May 2004 but has not ratified it.

The letter says, “The FCTC is a crucially important step for public health both globally and here at home.  The treaty provides the tools needed to combat the damage inflicted by tobacco.  It will help nations adopt the measures backed by current research and science that are needed to address the global tobacco epidemic.  Specifically, it commits nations to curb cigarette marketing, place graphic health warnings on cigarette packs, raise tobacco taxes and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke.  It will also lead to policy changes here at home that will protect children, improve health and save lives.  It also will ensure the United States has a seat at the table in implementing the treaty and negotiating side agreements on issues of special importance to us, such as cigarette smuggling.”


  1. Posted by Ronald Preisach on July 28th, 2005

    I vigorously support the ratification of this treaty.  I would like to see it done as quickly as governmentally possible.

  2. Posted by Zeke on August 2nd, 2005

    We need more than this treaty, we somehow need to decrease the influence of tobacco in our lives. Of course, if people wish to smoke, that is their choice, but we do not need advertising, and we certainly do not need tobacco companies pushing their products on unsuspecting innocents in third world and other countries under the banner of free speech, or free trade. what nonsense, and insincerity. But, do we really expect sense and sincerity from any corporation? If anyone does, I would at absolute minimum call them naive.

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