April 6th, 2005

Raffi Joins Commercial Alertís Board of Advisors

By Gary Ruskin
Commercial Alert

We’re proud to announce that Raffi Cavoukian, the singer/songwriter, has joined Commercial Alert’s board of advisors.

“I’ve spent much of my adult life promoting a child-honoring society, in which love and respect for children takes precedence in our institutions, laws, and customs,” Raffi said. “Our children need us to work together to achieve this goal.”

“We must create a culture of deep compassion in which the well-being of our young guides public policy. I’m pleased to join with Commercial Alert to help protect children from commercial assaults,” Raffi said. "We have a duty to safeguard our children from exploitation."

For more information about child honoring, see the Troubadour Foundation’s website.


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