April 18th, 2005

Kennedy Introduces Bill to Ban Junk Food From Schools Nationwide

By Gary Ruskin
Commercial Alert

On Friday, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy re-introduced his bill to ban the sale of junk food and soda pop in public schools nationwide.

The bill is called the “Prevention of Childhood Obesity Act” (S. 799), and it has several excellent provisions.

Most importantly, in schools that receive federal funds, the bill would ban vending machines that sell “foods of poor or minimal nutritional value,” including soda pop, some candy, chewing gum, etc. It would provide grants to schools that prohibit advertising and marketing of “foods of poor or minimal nutritional values such as fast foods, soft drinks and candy,” or provide food options low in fat, calories and added sugars, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It would require daily physical activity classes, and would encourage the consumption of water in school and in communities.

Click here to send emails to your senators in support of the bill.


  1. Posted by kassie Regain on February 6th, 2006

    i am doing my senior project at north medford high school on childhood obesity and its effects. i agree with the bill that is being proposed, junk food has overcame our school lunches. and it needs to stop if you have any usefull information can you email me please

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