January 23rd, 2000

Oreos and M&M's? Learning Tools

By Judith Gaines
Boston Globe

With glossy photographs of products and corporate logos, and exercises that send students off to their favorite stores at the shopping mall, the McGraw-Hill text attempts to silence that age-old teenage lament about math:"When am I ever going to use this?” But critics say it turns schools into mini-marketplaces, encouraging students to become more brand-conscious by asking questions such as: “Do you like Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses?”

This article is no longer available in full.


  1. Posted by Tash Junior on August 30th, 2005

    Next book on psychology and anatomy could get much more “fun” if it uses erotic and other enticing material on its pages. I bet that the high school “consumers” will be all for it.
    Then, the best math skills one can use is for gambling, card counting, statistics, the possibilities are unbound.
    Teachers who advocates all that corporate/brand brainwash are suppose to be disqualified. 

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