March 7th, 2011

Advertising Finds Itself in the Crosshairs Around the Globe

Ad Age Global

Junk food, alcohol and online privacy: The same three issues are challenging advertising regulators around the world, but each region has its own set of priorities and its own ways of dealing with the problems.

In the more developed economies like the EU and the U.S., privacy is the big issue of the decade. The popularity of social networking and other online activities have presented challenges to regulators, and finding the balance between commercial imperatives and individual rights is the subject of much debate, with “the right to be forgotten” at the center of it all.

Elsewhere, alcohol and junk food are still posing the more pressing problems, as regulators look to encourage healthy societies with varying degrees of leniency toward marketers of these products.

Click on each of the countries below to see how regulation is affecting the local ad industry.

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