April 10th, 2012

Food Marketing to... Neonates? Bad Form, Bad Formula!

By David Katz
Huffington Post

One of the reasons we are so far from national objectives for routine reliance on breast milk as the safest, cheapest, healthiest, and just plain best way to feed a newborn is… food marketing. Yep: food marketing to neonates.

I am among those who feel that food marketing to children is a serious problem, in need of substantial reform through voluntary restraint (I advise against holding your breath!) or regulation. Foods marketed most aggressively are unfailingly—as innumerable studies show—of fairly poor nutritional quality. The foods kids are coaxed into loving, in other words, are the least likely to love them back—and will instead accelerate their progress toward obesity, and even diabetes. And the contest between a 6-year-old and a highly-paid advertising executive is unfair by any standard.

But despite my devotion to this topic, I had no idea that even neonates were in the crosshairs of food marketers.

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