August 15th, 2013

Company Investigated by Comes Under Fire Again

By Ray Pellecchia

A company investigated by advertising watchdog group, (TINA), is under fire again for deceptive marketing of a children’s supplement.  A key advertising self-regulatory board has ruled that NourishLife, the maker of a dietary supplement aimed at children with speech disorders, should stop making a variety of misleading advertising claims, including that the supplement SpeechNutrients speakô (Speak) provides nutritional support for “normal and healthy speech development.”

INA contacted the company in March requesting that it stop its deceptive marketing, and sent complaints to federal, state, and international regulators.  As a result of TINA’s efforts, NourishLife made a number of changes to its website including the removal of the term “patented formula” since, as TINA discovered, there is no patent for the supplement.

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