Under the direction of Secretary Lawrence Small, the Smithsonian Institution has embraced commercialism and shifted its mission from "the increase and diffusion of knowledge" to acting as an auxilliary megaphone for corporate marketing and public relations efforts.

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Nader Asks Smithsonian Chief: “What About Taxpayers?”
Gary Ruskin | March 20th, 2002

Commercial Alert Tells Smithsonian to Stop Promoting Oil Drilling in Alaska
Gary Ruskin | February 25th, 2002

Scholars Ask Regents to Stop the Commercialization of the Smithsonian
Gary Ruskin | January 16th, 2002

Nader Criticizes Smithsonian Head For Proposed Naming Rights Deal With General Motors
Gary Ruskin | July 19th, 2001

Nader: Don't Commercialize the Postal Service, Library of Congress, Smithsonian
Gary Ruskin | February 27th, 2001

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The New York Times | May 31st, 2001

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