Our national parks do not exist to help companies make money. Rather, they exist for our enjoyment and edification, and to preserve their contents for future generations.

Parks should be free from the marketing that assails us in our daily lives. We go to parks for respite, not for further bombardment by marketers.

The National Park Service is proposing to solicit corporations to sponsor our national parks, and to allow corporations to feature that sponsorship in their public relations or advertising campaigns. (Consider the prospect of ads for "Preparation H, the Official Sponsor of the Grand Canyon," or "Nexium, the Official Sponsor of Lassen Volcanic National Park.")

Click here to tell the National Park Service not to commercialize our national parks.

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Coalition Asks NYC Mayor Bloomberg Not to Sell Naming Rights to City Parks
Gary Ruskin | February 21st, 2002

Coalition Asks NYC Mayor Bloomberg Not to Sell Naming Rights to City Parks
Gary Ruskin | February 21st, 2002


Protect Our National Parks from Corporate Corruption
Gary Ruskin | November 30th, 2005

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