October 12th, 2012

Kid Consumers: Could tougher laws protect our children?

By Wayne Baker
Our Values

Kids influence over $1 trillion dollars in family spending each year, making them targets for sophisticated advertising and marketing efforts. This week we’ve discussed how parents are consumer role models, whether there’s such a thing as “good” marketing to kids, commercial advertising at schools, and a recent case of invasion of kids’ online privacy.

Do we need tougher laws to protect our children from the onslaught?

Let’s address that question by focusing on the efficacy of COPAA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It was a violation of this act that got the fan websites for pop stars Justin Beiber, Rhianna, and others in trouble for illegally collecting personal data on kids. That sounds like a victory, right? Well, the law was made in 1998, and it might not be enough to deal with all the new technologies and strategies now in play.

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