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In 1980, the U.S. Congress passed a law to protect adults who prey on children.

You read that correctly. Public Law 96-252 prohibits the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from enacting rules that would protect the nation’s children from advertising that exploits their vulnerable and trusting natures. This law is obscene. It should be the role of Congress to protect children, not those who would prey upon them. Congress ought to repeal it.

Back then, the FTC was trying to respond to an increase in aggressive marketing aimed at children. Now, two decades later, that increase has become a deluge. Kids are literally assaulted from morning to night. The ad industry targets them in their home, in the school, and virtually all points in between.

We urge Congress to restore the FTC’s authority to enact solutions to this problem before it gets worse.

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Commercial Alert Responds to FTC Study on Junk Food Marketing to Kids
Robert Weissman | July 29th, 2008

Commercial Alert Praises Harkin Bill on Marketing to Children, Obesity
Gary Ruskin | May 18th, 2005

Coalition Wants Congress to Authorize FTC to Protect Children from Harmful Advertising
Gary Ruskin | October 12th, 1999

Coalition Wants Congress to Authorize FTC to Protect Children from Harmful Advertising
Gary Ruskin | October 12th, 1999

Nader Urges Congress to Restore the FTC's Authority to Protect Children from the Advertising Industry and Its “Commercial Molestations”
Gary Ruskin | September 21st, 1999

Nader Urges Congress to Restore the FTC's Authority to Protect Children from the Advertising Industry and Its “Commercial Molestations”
Gary Ruskin | September 21st, 1999

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