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Commercial Alert Response to Hasbro-Discovery Channel Joint Venture
Robert Weissman | April 30th, 2009

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Southwest High to Add Oil and Gas Industry Program
Eva-Marie Ayala | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | August 17th, 2009

Zionsville Close to Selling Naming Rights for New Stadium
Mark Ambrogi | Zionsville Star | June 18th, 2009

Corporate Sponsorship Creates Slippery Slope for Colleges
Gary Thorne | USA Today | December 12th, 2008

Park Board Approves Selling Naming Rights to Cotton Bowl
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Study Slams IOC Sponsorship Policies
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Seeking Post-Game Sponsors
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Soccer's Sounders Get a Microsoft Kick
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Mediacom Makes Bid for Ice Park Naming Rights
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Coming Soon, the Samsung Washington Monument!
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Volkswagen Strikes MLS Sponsorship Deals
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Local High School Football Stadiums Sell Naming Rights
WTHR Eyewitness Sports | March 12th, 2008

High Schools Add Classes Scripted By Corporations
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