May 15th, 2011

Want your name on a park? Big bucks will make it so in Boynton Beach

The Palm Beach Post

Want your name on a park? It can be yours, if the price is right: a cool two mil.

At their Tuesday meeting, city commissioners will see the menu for naming rights at the $2.2 million “barrier free” park being built on Congress Avenue south of Woolbright Road.

If you’re not ready to pony up $2 million for the name, how about $500 for one of five bike racks?

Or $100,000 at a place where you know it’ll be seen: the toilets.

Or for just $2,500, you can live forever with “the (your name) Wiggle Walk.”

The park, on 13w acres of city land next to city tennis courts, is designed to be accessible to children and adults with special needs.

“Anybody with any kind of limitations will be able to enjoy this beautiful environment,” Commissioner Bill Orlove said at the Feb. 14 ground-breaking.

The park would join at least seven such facilities in Florida, including three in Palm Beach County.

Efforts to build it began in 2003 and gained momentum when then-Gov. Jeb Bush put forth his “boundless playgrounds” initiative. But the park fell to city budget cuts in 2009.

Then the Greater Boynton Beach Foundation formed last summer.

For the first phase, set to open in April 2012, the city committed $1.7 million. The foundation is raising the last $500,000.

Foundation Chairman John E. McGovern said Friday a donor - whom the foundation isn’t ready to identify - already has made a “six-figure” donation of equipment for the park.

With phase one essentially paid for, naming proceeds would go toward phases two through five: additional structures and features.

“If a $2 million gift comes in, it automatically it sets us up for phase two,” McGovern said.

By ordinance, the foundation needs Boynton Beach commissioners’ blessing for the naming rights fee structure; the commission also would have to approve the park name if a $2 million donor comes forward.

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