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Secret Document Shows Bush Administration Effort to Stop Global Anti-Obesity Initiative
Gary Ruskin | January 15th, 2004

Go On The Offensive, Secretary Thompson Tells Junk Food Lobby
Gary Ruskin | November 15th, 2002

Commercial Alert Asks: Will Ashcroft Stand Up for Children or Corporations?
Gary Ruskin | January 16th, 2001

Groups Question Education Nominee's Record on School Commercialism
Gary Ruskin and Jim Metrock | January 9th, 2001

Groups Praise Bush's Statement about TV: “The Best Weapon Is the Off-On Button”
Commercial Alert, TV-Turnoff Network | October 18th, 2000

Commercial Alert Praises Bush For Encouraging Children to Watch Less TV
Gary Ruskin | September 15th, 2000

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Inaction on Tobacco Treaty Threatens U.S. Influence
Marc Kaufman | Washington Post | July 6th, 2005

Bush and Kids: Standing Small
Jonathan Rowe and Gary Ruskin | Alternet | February 28th, 2005

Bush's War on Children
Jonathan Rowe and Gary Ruskin | Alternet | July 3rd, 2001

Education Secretary-Designate Rod Paige Earns High Marks From Both Sides of the Aisle in his Senate Confirmation Hearing Today
David Welna | National Public Radio (NPR) | January 10th, 2001