The ZapMe! Corp. was a form of electronic privacy invasion that tried to take root in the schools. It failed.

In essence, ZapMe! planted computers in the schools as advertising delivery, market research and surveillance machines. It tried to turn the schools and the compulsory schooling laws into a means of gaining access to a captive audience of children in order to extract market research from them and to advertise to them.

We opposed ZapMe!'s business operations in the schools. ZapMe! violated the privacy of schoolchildren, misused the schools and compulsory schooling laws to force children to watch ads during school time, and degraded the moral authority of schools and teachers by turning them into instruments of corporate advertising and marketing.

Following widespread outrage from parents and citizens, the ZapMe! Corp. is exiting the education "business."

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Coalition Criticizes President Clinton Over Support of Company That Invades Children's Privacy
Gary Ruskin and Jim Metrock | February 8th, 2000

Coalition Asks States to Protect Children from ZapMe! Corp. Privacy Invasion, Wants Corporations to Sever Partnerships with ZapMe!
Gary Ruskin | January 19th, 2000

ZapMe! Corp. Spies on Schoolchildren, Passes Data to Marketers
Gary Ruskin | December 8th, 1998

ZapMe!: A New Corporate Predator in the Schools
Gary Ruskin | October 29th, 1998

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