Schools should never promote tobacco to students.

But they do.

Sixty percent of movies advertised on the in-school TV program Channel One portray smoking. Since January 1, 2000, Channel One has advertised at least 67 commercial motion pictures. Forty of these movies portray smoking.

Such cinema portrayals of tobacco are highly effective in luring young people into the ranks of tobacco users – even more so than conventional advertising. It is estimated that each year smoking in movies recruits 390,000 new young smokers in the United States.

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Report Shows How Schools Promote Tobacco to Millions of Students
Gary Ruskin | September 22nd, 2005

Groups Request Investigation of Philip Morris Schoolbook Covers
Gary Ruskin | January 3rd, 2001

Groups Request Investigation of Philip Morris Schoolbook Covers
Gary Ruskin | January 3rd, 2001

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