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Good news: Coke lobbyist John Downs has left the board of directors of the National PTA. We won!

On June 23rd, 2003, the National PTA placed on its board of directors John H. Downs Jr., Coca-Cola Enterprises' senior VP for public affairs and its chief lobbyist. Incredibly, the National PTA was directed in part by the top lobbyist and public relations flack for Coca-Cola Enterprises.

In addition, the National PTA embraced Coca-Cola Enterprises as a "proud sponsor." The PTA even featured the Coca-Cola logo in many places on its website.

Instead of promoting the welfare of children, the National PTA promoted the welfare of a corporation that seeks to fill them with sugar and caffeine.

Our friends at BAGnews proposed this as the new logo for the National PTA.New Logo

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Commercial Alert Criticizes National PTA Over Coke Sponsorship
Gary Ruskin | June 4th, 2003

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