N2H2 Inc. is a Web-filtering company that electronically snooped on children as they surfed the Web in school and sold the data to marketers and the Department of Defense. They now say that they have stopped snooping.

It is not the purpose of the public schools to abet corporations that spy on the Web-browsing of schoolchildren. Public schools with N2H2 software have abusively extended their government power to help corporations gather information on unsuspecting schoolchildren. We urge parents, school board members, principals and teachers to rid the schools of the N2H2 software.

According to The Wall Street Journal (1/26/01), N2H2's Bess filtering systemknows where the students go on the Web and how long they spend there....Late last year, N2H2 began selling its data. The information, called Class Clicks, is aggregated, meaning it canít be used to identify surfing habits of specific students, or even specific schools....for $15,000 a year, marketers and Web-site operators can get monthly reports that detail where kids are going on the Internet, along with Roper Starchís aggregate estimates of the kidsí ages and races.

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Gary Ruskin | January 29th, 2001

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Gary Ruskin and Jim Metrock | November 3rd, 2000


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Gary Ruskin | March 31st, 2001

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