Laws and Bills

Following are laws and legislation against commercialism and the marketing of junk food in schools.

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External Links

New York State law on "Commercialism in Public Schools"
| April 6, 1990

Rhode Island law on "Restrictions on Commercial Activity and Fundraising in Public Schools"

Maryland: "Commercialism in Schools Act of 2002"
Maryland State Senator Paul Pinsky |

Maryland: "Captive Audience/Stop Commercialism in Schools Act of 2001"
Maryland State Senator Paul Pinsky |

Wisconsin: AB 103
Wisconsin State Assemblyman Marlin Schneider | February 9, 1999

Washington: "An Act Relating to the Sales of Competitive Foods Sold and Served on Public School Campuses"
Washington State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles | January 24, 2003

New York City:"Junk Food and Soda Free Schools Act"
New York City Councilman David Yassky | November 20, 2002

Kentucky: "...prohibiting the sale or distribution of carbonated beverages in public elementary schools"
Kentucky Representative Tim Feely |

California State Law: Pupil Health
State Senator Martha Escutia | October 14, 2001

Oklahoma: SB 1668 Limiting Access to Vending Machines
Oklahoma State Senaotr Bernest Cain |

Utah: "Elementary School Vending Machine Sales"
Utah State Representative Patricia Jones | January 8, 2003