December 5th, 2011

The NEW three "R's" - reading, writing and ad revenues

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann

Elizabeth Ben-Ishai, Public Citizen joins Thom Hartmann. Cash strapped schools around the country have turned to other methods to raise money, now that mostly Republican governors are slashing education budgets. For example - after Florida Governor Rick Scott slashed nearly $2 billion out of his state’s education budget - the Miami-Dade County Public school system is having to sell advertising space to corporations so they can target school kids. Similar school advertising proposals are being negotiated in Georgia as well. In an open letter to the Douglas County Board of Education in Georgia - the organization Public Citizen blasted the decision to bring corporate advertising into the classroom writing, “We know your primary concern is to avoid shortchanging students as a result of budget cuts. However, subjecting children to even greater amounts of advertising is the wrong response. It will raise little revenue while undermining Douglas County’s educational and child development mission. Educational institutions should promote civic virtue and the public good, not commercial values.”



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