August 17th, 2008

Papa John's Pie in the Sky

By Laura Petrecca and Bruce Horovitz
USA Today

Folks flying into Denver for the upcoming Democratic National Convention may suddenly get a pizza craving as they pass over a wheat field about 30 miles from the runway. Pizza chain Papa John’s (PZZA) has turned six acres of a field in Commerce City, Colo., into a “crop circle” (those mysterious designs supposedly created by space aliens) to advertise its new whole-wheat pizza.
A giant circle is dotted with pepperoni (made from red mulch), green peppers (corn stalks), black olives (black mulch) and cheese (harvested wheat). It also includes a Papa John’s pizza box and the words “100% Whole Wheat Crust.”

Creating the field food feat wasn’t easy without aliens. The company hired earthworks artist Stan Herd, who spent 600 hours crafting it.

Cost: nearly $50,000. That’s a lotta pizzas.


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