August 29th, 2012

Companies' ads in schools help raise cash

By Alex Biese
Asbury Park Press

Will posters of the Geico gecko overlook your kids’ cafeteria this school year? Could the Subway “Five-Dollar Foot-Long” jingle pipe through school halls?

The possibility’s not so far-fetched: Families can expect to see more advertising popping up in school gymnasiums, and on school buildings and websites as districts seek ad dollars to help bring in revenue. The trend has its critics, but school officials say it’s simply a reality for today’s cash-strapped districts.

“To be able to do something that can bring in some revenues and really interact with the local community and businesses, it’s really a win-win,” said Ken Jannarone, Ocean Township schools business administrator.

The Ocean Township advertising program generates around $30,000 a year, Jannarone said. “The amount of money isn’t going to save the school budget, but we believe that every little bit counts and anything that we can do is a positive,” he said.

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