September 8th, 2008

Burger King Branded Entertainment

By PPN Staff
Product Placement News

Miami-based burger chain Burger King has recently tied efforts with MindShare North America and Fox for a new advertisement and for branded entertainment. Burger King, will now be given a sponsor segment before every episode of Fox’s NFL pre-game program.

If you watch the Fox NFL pre-game program regularly, you should be familiar with the show’s animated robot. Apart from the sponsor segment, there will also be advertisements where the Fox robot and the Burger King mascot interact.

As reported in Advertising Age, “For the next 17 weeks during Fox’s NFL coverage, viewers of the network’s pre-game show will notice that the last segment of the program is called Fired Up and that it is ‘presented by Burger King.’ During that part of the show, one of Fox’s football announcers will speak on an issue that has him, well, all hot and bothered—of course, ‘fired up’ could also refer to Burger King’s popular patty offerings. Additionally, an animated version of the ‘King’ will appear on screen, said Angela Malone, associate director-national broadcast at MindShare North America, which brokered the media deal for Burger King.”


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