June 13th, 2008

Naming Rights to Facilities at ASU's Downtown Journalism School Available

The Arizona Republic

For $15 million, you could place your name on the new 223,000-square-foot building that will house the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

It’s set to relocate to downtown Phoenix this fall as one of the most technologically advanced media schools in the country.

Half a million bucks gets you naming rights to the library/student research center. For $10,000, your name could be on an editing bay.

The school began its naming campaign earlier this spring and has published a price and availability list at cronkite.asu.edu/giving /buildingnaming.php.

Naming rights are certainly nothing new in higher education, but this effort is unique, said Christopher Callahan, the school’s dean. “Typically when you have a naming program for a building, it’s to pay for the building, the bricks and the mortar,” he told The Buzz. “At ASU, we are in this wonderful position of being part of the city bond.”

In 2006, Phoenix voters approved a $223 million bond issue that paid for the $71 million building.

Are there any companies or institutions that would be prohibited from naming rights, because, well . . . it might be awkward?

For example, there might be eyebrows raised at a possible Hooters Student Services Suite ($250,000) or the Pink Taco faculty/staff lounge ($200,000).

“We don’t have any set policies,” Callahan said. “If there was a problem or a concern about something or someone, we would certainly address that.”


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