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Commercial Alert to CFPB: To Protect Consumers, Private Student Loan Advertising Must Be Regulated
Elizabeth Ben-Ishai | January 17th, 2012

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Coming Soon, the Samsung Washington Monument!
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Student Lender to Stop Using College and Team Names in Marketing
Jonathan D. Glater | The New York Times | December 12th, 2007

Donors Bid Millions NOT to Rename School
Ryan J. Foley | Associated Press | November 4th, 2007

Corporate U
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Pay Packages for Presidents Are Rising at Public Colleges
Jonathan D. Glater | The New York Times | November 20th, 2006

Back to $chool
Associated Press | August 20th, 2006

Universities For Sale
Jennifer Washburn | Los Angeles Times | July 21st, 2006

Hopkins Assailed for Tie to Product
Julie Bell and Frank D. Roylance | Baltimore Sun | April 6th, 2006

Hopkins Assailed for Tie to Product
Julie Bell and Frank D. Roylance | Baltimore Sun | April 6th, 2006

Publisher Pushes Textbook Ads; McGraw-Hill Targets Students; Critics Warn Plan Could Backfire
Rick Westhead | Toronto Star | June 7th, 2005