Product Placement

TV networks send programs into living rooms that are packed with embedded advertising. Increasingly, such programming resembles infomercials. But TV stations pretend that these are just ordinary programs rather than paid ads. This is an affront to basic honesty.

Product placements are inherently deceptive, because many people do not realize that they are, in fact, advertisements. We’re running a campaign to require disclosure of product placement in all media, including TV, movies, videos, video games, books and “adversongs.”

Key documents:

Commercial Alert's petitions to the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, and the FTC's response. The FCC has not yet responded.

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News Releases

Commercial Alert Submits Reply Comments to the FCC
Robert Weissman | November 24th, 2008

Commercial Alert Comments to the FCC
Robert Weissman | September 22nd, 2008

Commercial Alert Letter on Product Placement in Newscasts
Robert Weissman | July 22nd, 2008

Robert Weissman | June 27th, 2008

Commercial Alert Asks Book Reviewers Not to Review Ad-Laden Children's Series "Mackenzie Blue"
Robert Weissman | March 12th, 2008

Commercial Alert Letter to HarperCollins Children's Books Regarding "Mackenzie Blue"
Robert Weissman | March 12th, 2008

Commercial Alert: Jack Daniels Should Stay Off TV
Robert Weissman | June 13th, 2007

Editorial Memorandum: FCC Should Require Disclosure of Covert Commercial Pitches on TV
Gary Ruskin | May 26th, 2005

Commercial Alert's Statement on Today's FTC Product Placement Decision
Gary Ruskin | February 10th, 2005

Commercial Alert's Statement on Today's FTC Product Placement Decision
Gary Ruskin | February 10th, 2005

Advertisers Attack Honest Disclosure of Stealth Ads on TV
Gary Ruskin | November 15th, 2003

Advertisers Attack Honest Disclosure of Stealth Ads on TV
Gary Ruskin | November 15th, 2003

Commercial Alert Asks FCC, FTC to Require Disclosure of Product Placement on TV
Gary Ruskin | September 30th, 2003

Commercial Alert Asks FCC, FTC to Require Disclosure of Product Placement on TV
Gary Ruskin | September 30th, 2003


FTC Caves in to Advertisers & Broadcasters on Product Placement
Gary Ruskin | February 11th, 2005

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Puyallup brothers debut on NBC tonight
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NBC Shows Continue to Set the Pace for Brand Integrations
Advertising Age | August 18th, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Shows Why Hollywood Goes Ape for Apple
Brand Channel | August 9th, 2011

Pepsi Product Placement in The X-Factor
Product Placement News | August 8th, 2011

When logos get their own star billing
Sydney Morning Herald | August 3rd, 2011

Product placements market unhealthy food to children
MedicalXPress | August 2nd, 2011

Products piggyback on "Smurfs" movie
The Wall Street Journal | July 29th, 2011

Sundance, Suburu Drive Partnership
Media Daily News | July 19th, 2011

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Celebrities: Spot That Phone!
Elizabeth Woyke | | June 3rd, 2009

When Bands and Brands Collide
Tal Pinchevsky | Minyanville | June 3rd, 2009

Starbucks Is Now the Official Joe of ‘Morning Joe’
Brian Stelter | The New York Times | May 31st, 2009

Cigarettes in Popular Films Are Target of Health Groups
Brooks Barnes | The New York Times | May 27th, 2009

For Pizza Hut, Jesse James Is a Sponsored Man
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | May 21st, 2009

TV Advertisers Are Offered Closer Ties With Content
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | May 19th, 2009

7-Eleven Scores Big with Product Placement in 'Terminator Salvation'
Lewis Lazare | Chicago Sun-Times | May 18th, 2009

A Book Packager Takes a Step Into Web Video
Ari Karpel | The New York Times | May 6th, 2009

Hasbro and Discovery Form Children's TV Network
Sam Schechner and Joseph Pereira | The Wall Street Journal | May 1st, 2009

Hair Spray’s Sponsorship Stays in Place (on Bravo)
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | April 30th, 2009

Hasbro/Discovery Kids TV Deal May Rankle FCC
Ira Teinowitz | The Wrap | April 30th, 2009

Hasbro and Discovery Join to Create Toy TV Mania
Alana Semuels | Los Angeles Times | April 30th, 2009

Product Placement Makes Inroads on Broadway
Jake Coyle | The Associated Press | April 29th, 2009

Subway Places More Than Just Product in NBC's 'Chuck'
Brian Steinberg | Advertising Age | April 16th, 2009

Delivery Agent Is Monetizing Product Placement For TV Networks
Leena Rao | TechCrunch | March 18th, 2009

Still No Product Placement Allowed on U.K. TV
Emma Hall | Advertising Age | March 11th, 2009

Italy Set to Approve Product Plugs
Nick Vivarelli | Variety | March 11th, 2009

The Secretive World Of Product Placement: Branding Strategies of the Future
Jerald Zimmer | | March 10th, 2009

ABC Puts Its Money on Two Wall Street Comedy Pilots
Claude Brodesser-Akner | Advertising Age | March 5th, 2009

Product Placements, Deftly Woven Into the Story Line
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CCFC Wants FCC To Ban Product Placement In Kids Shows, Limit In Primetime
John Eggerton | Broadcasting & Cable | November 24th, 2008

Product Placement Disclosure Dispute Heads Toward Deadline at FCC
Ira Teinowitz | TVWeek | November 21st, 2008

Comcast Nets Push Digital Product Placements
Wayne Friedman | MediaDailyNews | November 19th, 2008

ITV Presses for Product Placement
Ben Fenton | Financial Times UK | November 17th, 2008

Advertisers Up the Ante as Products Become TV Plots
Gloria Goodale | The Christian Science Monitor | November 3rd, 2008

SAG Slams ‘Stealth’ Ads
John Eggerton | Broadcasting & Cable | October 24th, 2008

Saturn Teams Up With CBS Interactive to Create New Original Web Series 'Novel Adventures'
MarketWatch | October 22nd, 2008

Brands Cozy Up to Sixth Bond
Theresa Howard | USA Today | October 19th, 2008

Nokia's Touch Phone Makes Appearance In Britney Spears Video
Eric Zeman | InformationWeek | October 17th, 2008

'Enemy' Could Be GM's Best Friend
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Automakers Push Key Vehicles Through Fall TV Shows
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NBC Aligning Brands With A-list Talent -- Online
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Nielsen: Networks Hit By Big Product Placement Drops
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TNT Launches Latest Micro-Series with Acura
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Like ‘The Real World,’ With More Computers
Stuart Elliot | The New York Times | September 10th, 2008

Coke Zero Gets Double-O Status for James Bond Tie-in
Emma Hall | Advertising Age | September 9th, 2008

Italy OKs TV product placement
Eric J. Lyman | The Hollywood Reporter | August 28th, 2008

Samsung Product Placement
PPN Staff | Product Placement News | August 27th, 2008

Axe Sponsors, Co-Stars in Web TV Series
Shahnaz Mahmud | AdWeek | August 18th, 2008

How Marketing is Taking Over the Film Industry
Kaleem Aftab | The Independent | August 15th, 2008

Ford's Ka Coming to a Theater Near You
Sarah A. Webster | Detroit Free Press | August 14th, 2008

Dell Sponsors A&E Reality Series
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | August 7th, 2008

On Ad-Less 'L Word,' Brands Become Part of the Plot
Claude Brodesser-Akner | Advertising Age | August 7th, 2008

I want my [your brand here] MTV
Margaret Lyons | Time Out Chicago | August 7th, 2008

Chew on This: Hit Song Is a Gum Jingle
Ethan Smith and Julie Jargon | The Wall Street Journal | July 28th, 2008

Ad Nauseam
Jennifer Wells | The Globe and Mail (Canada) | July 25th, 2008

Under Armour in Public Eye
Andrea K. Walker | The Baltimore Sun | July 24th, 2008

USA Revs Up Product Integrations for Top Performers
Richard Tedesco | PROMO Magazine | July 23rd, 2008

A Product’s Place Is on the Set
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | July 22nd, 2008

Research Firm Nielsen Tallying Product Placement Ads
Alana Semuels | Los Angeles Times | July 22nd, 2008

'Wall-E' Gives Glimpse of Product Placement's Future
Beth Snyder Bulik | Advertising Age | July 17th, 2008

AmEx, 'Project Runway' Forge Integrated Pact
Steve McClellan | AdWeek | July 14th, 2008

Product Placements Acquire a Life of Their Own on Shows
Stephanie Clifford | The New York Times | July 14th, 2008

Geico Integrated Into Wii Games
Andrew Hampp | Advertising Age | July 9th, 2008

Sprint's YouTube Payola: Use Instinct In Your Videos, And We'll Pay You
Matt Kapko | | July 2nd, 2008

Ford Flex Finds Novela Way To Reach Latino Consumers
Della de Lafuente | BrandWeek | June 29th, 2008

Product Placement On TV Targeted
Cecilia Kang | The Washington Post | June 27th, 2008

Ads in TV Shows Come Under Microscope
Kate Barrett | ABC News | June 27th, 2008

Writers Guild Urges FCC to Disclose Product Integration
Claude Brodesser-Akner | Advertising Age | June 25th, 2008

Product Placements Get FCC Scrutiny
Amy Schatz and Suzanne Vranica | The Wall Street Journal | June 23rd, 2008

Coalition Urges FCC to Adopt Product Placement Rules
Steve Miller | BrandWeek | June 19th, 2008

'Chloe, it's Jack. Who does our phones?'
Ravi Somaiya | The Guardian (UK) | June 16th, 2008

Carmakers are Kings of Product Placement Deals
Ken Bensinger | Los Angeles Times | June 14th, 2008

U.K. Shuts Out Product Placement
Steve Clarke | Variety | June 11th, 2008

Alltel, State Farm, Sonic in Triple Play for TBS Integrations
Richard Tedesco | PROMO Magazine | June 11th, 2008

Entering Virtual Worlds for Real-Life Pitches
Eric Pfanner | The New York Times | May 29th, 2008

Viral Video: Cashing In or Selling Out?
Jennifer Hollett | Globe and Mail (Canada) | May 27th, 2008

Vespa Mixes It Up With 'Get Smart,' Subway For Promo
Karl Greenberg | Marketing Daily | May 22nd, 2008

Advertainment: More than Sex and the City Cosmos
Press Release: AUT University | Scoop | May 21st, 2008

Klondike Mixes Placement, Ad Spots to Promote Contest
Karlene Lukovitz | Marketing Daily | May 21st, 2008

ABC Bets ‘Motherhood’ Can Make a Leap from the Computer Screen
Brian Stelter | The New York Times | May 19th, 2008

NBC and GM Form Cross-Platform Marketing and Programming Partnership
Press Release | May 12th, 2008

MTV Plans to Increase Its Blending of Ads and Shows
Bill Carter | The New York Times | May 8th, 2008

Does Drug Product Placement on TV Require New Regulations?
Enrique Rivero | UCLA | May 7th, 2008

Sprint, Nissan Make Big Branded-Entertainment Plays With Soccer Shows
Laurel Wentz | Advertising Age | May 5th, 2008

Microsoft Photosynth Makes Star Turn on CSI: NY Tonight
Benjamin J. Romano | The Seattle Times | April 30th, 2008

Puma Goes Hollywood
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NBC Puts Product Placement Online
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North Coast Wine Gets Screen Time
Kevin McCallum | The Press Democrat | March 30th, 2008

Mercedes Gets All Dolled Up
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Apple teams with 'American Idol'
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‘Sex and the City’ and Its Lasting Female Appeal
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Smallville Product Placement Hits New Low
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Are books for kids where little ideas - or big brands - grow?
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MTV, Doritos Partner for Reality Series
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Product Placement in Songs More Intentional Than We Know
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Branded Entertainment Momentum Healthy: Report
Richard Tedesco | Brandweek | February 12th, 2008

Children's Playtime Now Fun Time for Big-Time Advertisers
Lena Sin | Vancouver Province (Canada) | February 11th, 2008

NBC Ramps up Reality Programming with Ad Tie-Ins
Scott Collins | Los Angeles Times | February 11th, 2008

Time to Stop Undermining Children with Ads
Dr. Melissa Perrin, Psy.D | Pioneer Press (Chicago Sun-Times Suburban News) | February 7th, 2008

Microsoft Shows Off Web Ad Prototypes
Jessica Mintz | Associated Press | February 6th, 2008

Product Placement Scrutinized
Ira Teinowitz | TV Week | February 3rd, 2008

Portrait of a Young Consumer
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Tyson benefits in Makeover giveaway
David Irvin | Arkansas Democrat Gazette | December 29th, 2007

Facebook challenged by ad-free rival
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Ad plans for Web run into privacy issues
Byron Acohido | USA Today | December 23rd, 2007

Blog it but don't flog it: ad man's new mantra
Stuart Elliot | The Sunday Scotsman | December 23rd, 2007

This holiday tradition is brought to you by ...
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FCC Postpones Decision on Embedded Ads
Brooks Boliek and Gail Schiller | Hollywood Reporter | December 19th, 2007

Widget syndicator Clearspring launches ad network
Eric Auchard | Reuters | December 11th, 2007

Seinfeld, McD's, Brach's Help Build 'Bee Movie' Buzz
T.L. Stanley | Brandweek | November 22nd, 2007

Ad firm gives to Muni measure, gets S.F. contract
Robert Selna | San Francisco Chronicle | October 31st, 2007

Sony Launches In-Game Ad Unit
Kamau High | AdWeek | October 10th, 2007

A Drug Company Joins the March Of Penguin Tie-Ins
Pat H. Broeske | The New York Times | November 6th, 2006

The Newest Characters on TV Shows: Product Plugs
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More Ad Pitches Could Get Embedded
David Lieberman | USA Today | May 17th, 2006

In Risky Move, Newscasts Adopt Product Placements
Gail Schiller | Reuters | March 15th, 2006

Product Placement Brokers Succeed in Morning Shows
Marc Graser | Advertising Age | January 30th, 2006

Plot Line: Drink Pepsi!
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Product Placements Infiltrate TV Shows
Frazier Moore | Associated Press | July 19th, 2005

Probe of Stealth TV Ads Sought
Meg James | Los Angeles Times | May 26th, 2005

F.T.C. Rejects Rule On Product Placement
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | February 11th, 2005

FTC Rejects Ad Labeling on TV
Caroline E. Mayer | Washington Post | February 11th, 2005

FTC Rejects Ad Labeling on TV
Caroline E. Mayer | Washington Post | February 11th, 2005

That Abundance of Volkswagens on TV Shows Will Be Product Placement, Not Coincidence
Nat Ives | The New York Times | January 13th, 2005

Dubbing In Product Plugs; How Spider-Man 2 Made Dr Pepper a Star in the U.S. And Mirinda a Star Overseas
Charles Goldsmith | Wall Street Journal | December 6th, 2004

Products Are Stars in New Ad Strategy
Meg James | Los Angeles Times | December 2nd, 2004

Products Are Stars in New Ad Strategy
Meg James | Los Angeles Times | December 2nd, 2004

In Another Conquest for Product Placement, the New Comedy Central Cartoon for Adults Joins the Trend
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | October 21st, 2004

Also Starring (Your Product Name Here)
Michael McCarthy | USA Today | August 12th, 2004

Also Starring (Your Product Name Here)
Michael McCarthy | USA Today | August 12th, 2004

Five Key Issues Could Alter The Ad Industry
Brian Steinberg and Suzanne Vranica | Wall Street Journal | January 4th, 2004

Product-placement complaint fails to result in new rules
Wall Street Journal | December 31st, 2003

Nielsen to Follow Popularity of Product Placement on Prime-Time Television
Meg James | Los Angeles Times | December 5th, 2003

Nielsen to Follow Popularity of Product Placement on Prime-Time Television
Meg James | Los Angeles Times | December 5th, 2003

On ABC, Sears Pays to Be Star Of New Series
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | December 3rd, 2003

Publication Image
Brian Steinberg and Emily Nelson | Wall Street Journal | November 30th, 2003

Industry Fights Back On Product Placement
Bill Carter | The New York Times | November 14th, 2003

Commercial Alert Response: Placement Comes Under FTC Review
Claire Atkinson | Advertising Age | October 27th, 2003

Media & Marketing -- Advertising: AOL Aims to Break Out of the Box; Fresh Ad Funds Target Ways to Reach TV Viewers Tuning Out Commercials
Suzanne Vranica and Julia Angwin | Wall Street Journal | October 22nd, 2003

Group Criticizes Product Placement
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | September 30th, 2003

Placements Push to Front; Wide Range of Advertisers Play More Sophisticated Product
Janet Stilson | Advertising Age | June 9th, 2003

Going Hollywood: Beverage Companies are Dealing with Advertising Overload with Less Traditional Tie-
Mark R. Greer | Beverage Industry | April 30th, 2003

Altered Reality
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | March 12th, 2003

Digitally Inserted Ads Pop Up in World Series
Michael McCarthy | USA Today | October 18th, 2002

Product Placements Go Interactive in Video Games
Matt Richtel | The New York Times | September 17th, 2002

A Word From Our Sponsor? He's Here Now
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | June 30th, 2002

Celebrities Help `Educate' Public On New Drugs
David P. Hamilton | Wall Street Journal | April 22nd, 2002

Coming: Jay Leno and the Lincolns --- In Return for Big Ad Dollars, Talk Show Will Work Cars From Fo
Suzanne Vrancia | Wall Street Journal | March 31st, 2002

'All My Children' Gets Revlon Twist
Joe Flint and Emily Nelson | Wall Street Journal | March 15th, 2002

Ads Are Here, There, Everywhere
Michael McCarthy | USA Today | June 19th, 2001

Coke Leads Push to Place Products in Movies, TV
Scott Leith | Atlanta Journal and Constitution | October 29th, 2000

On CBS News, Some of What You See Isn't There
Alex Kuczynski | The New York Times | January 12th, 2000

Real or Virtual? You Call It; Digital Sleight of Hand Can Put Ads Almost Anywhere
Stuart Elliott | The New York Times | September 30th, 1999

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Coors Tap Flows Freely on TV Show
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Advertisers Reject Consumer Group's Claim That More Regulation Is Needed
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Advertisers Reject Consumer Group's Claim That More Regulation Is Needed
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