Regrettably, Sesame Street has now become yet another advertising vehicle for McDonald’s and other junk food companies to hook a new generation of children on their high calorie junk food.

Join us in telling Sesame Street to stick to go back to its roots, a safe, non-commercial alternative to the network kids shows.

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Commercial Alert Criticizes PBS for New Kids TV Channel with Ads
Gary Ruskin | March 30th, 2005

Obesity Experts, Child Advocates Ask Sesame Street Not to Advertise for McDonald’s
Gary Ruskin | October 13th, 2003

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Gary Ruskin | March 22nd, 2000

Nader Asks PBS, CTW to Withdraw From “ Commercial Child Molestation” Conference
Gary Ruskin | February 14th, 2000

Nader Urges Children's Television Workshop and Noggin to Stop Doing Market Research in the Schools
Gary Ruskin | April 8th, 1999

Sesame Street Sells Out Children and Parents to Discovery Zone at Start of 30th Season
Gary Ruskin | October 6th, 1998


N is for NAFTA, S is for Social Security Privatization and T is for Tax Cuts
Gary Ruskin | June 2nd, 2005

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